Boomtown China

By KevinIMitton

Canon IXY Digital fixed

My 2nd Canon IXY Digital (PC 1060) circa 2003 is now fixed cheaply and quickly. It's been hidden away for a few years I assumed it was beyond economical repair.

The first one IXY I had looked quite nice in black but it stopped working out of guarantee. Replaced it with another Ixy in silver which I bought second hand in Tokyo. This one also stopped working after a few years.

My Blip 5th December 2011 "Sofa so good" took it to a camera repairer in Hua qinag bei electronics street, Shenzhen. The the LCD panel was replaced and now it's working again and 'm happy.

It's not always easy carrying around a Nikon DSLR this IXY is even smaller than most mobile phones.

It cost me 30 minutes of my time waiting for it to be fixed and just 150 RMB (£15 / US$23.50)

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