My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Make yourself at home love

Meet Megan, my neighbours dog.

She and her mate Woody have taken to escaping from the house/garden recently - though where from no-one can figure out!

Have had to take them back home a couple of times and today (as I was in the middle of doing a portrait shoot!) I saw Megan on the road again.

As my neighbours were out, I initially put her back in her garden, however she was spotted on the road again, so I brought her into my garden. Bill and her have never met properly so did a bit of "hello/how do you do" then I tried to entice her into the house.

She wasn't having it initially, but a few biscuits by the door got her in. Towelled her off as it's been chucking it down/sleeting and miserable today and after a bit more getting to know each other things went quiet.

And when I went to look for her, I found this. I just hope Bill doesn't get any ideas - he's not even allowed in our bedroom let alone on our bed!!!!

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