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Day 349 / 365 - Anonymous Secrets Project! (15)

I realised today that I still had 8 secrets from anonymous senders to convey into photos for the project so have decided to revisit the folder. Some secrets were sent 8 months ago, really sorry I have taken so long to reply!

To re-cap, anonymous members on Formspring could send me their 'secrets' or anything really they wanted to get off their chest to be conveyed into a photo to hopefully make my 365 project a bit more interesting! :)

Anonymous Secrets Challenge: 15
"I cut myself. Not enough to bleed, but I wish it did. I'm too scared to go deep enough to actually break the skin. But I really want to."

Dear Anonymous Secret Sender:
Please don't! It is so bad and you will regret the ugly scars that you will have to cover up in the future. I used to have friends that actually did this years ago in school, and I thought it was cool and even contemplated copying them to be 'in with the crowd' but I am so glad I didn't have the guts to. It's not fun, impressive or clever. I'm hoping that you've stopped doing it since and realise what the intelligent thing to do is! :)

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