horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

The Future's So Bright...

One flash of inspiration is all it takes, and you're lying topless like an eejit underneath a desk lamp...

Well it gave me a break from deleting 30,000 emails that had arrived in my inbox in the last 24 hours. Spammers. Must. Die. It's like wanton vandalism, it's just.... Mindless. They don't even see the results of the actions, the kick is from knowing you've done it. And it has stirred in me some pretty homicidal considerations.

Back in the real world football fans unite in their desire to be allowed to sing sectarian songs of hate; churches unite in their desire to halt the path of love; and Iraq unites, however briefly, in celebrating the withdrawal of US troops.

Well the world can just... Oh, 'scuse me, just got to delete another 200 emails that have dropped in.... take a running jump. Because right now I'm all about positivity. Oh yes. Optimism and goodwill and all that jazz. Nice. Except towards spammers obviously. Oh, and people taking the lift to go down two floors at work. And people in the coffee queue who only think to dig out their purse as the coffee is being handed over. They're all on a par with people who poke puppies with sharp sticks.

So why the (qualified) good mood? Half day the morra? Actually getting... oh, there's another 200 to delete... pen to paper to start cartooning again? A general air of joie de vivre? Dunno, truth be told. It'll probably be gone tomorrow. Unless I'm first in the coffee queue.

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