Pick a title.

1. A fingerfull of blood.
2. You gets what you pays for.
3. The great candle hunt ? Rheged, again.
4. 14:00hrs ? All done and dusted.
5. 1st attempt at ''Fluffy water'' NOT a howling success.

Up betimes. Gaffer, being on rat-poison and sundry other additives had to be  @ the doc's for 09:45. When she started, on the Hancock theory of blood donations she was parting with about a Pinky-full, now it's a prick on the finger a la real Blood Donors.

Next stop Morrison's where, strange to relate, we weren't able to get all we wanted, but did manage ''The Cuppa'' + an early butty-stop. Quick, over the road to Booth's. Imagine the fun with a choice of 5-7 supermarkets dependent upon how you view them. We entered Booth's with a couple of things in mind and exited with about ½ doz, including Goose-grease for the roasties.
Verily is it said you gets what you pays for. Most of their stuff I don't mind paying a few coppers over the odds for better quality, but you'll not catch me paying 32P extra for exactly the same 800gm loaf from the same baker.

She has also drug out (Past tense of drag) some candle embelishments and needed/wanted some bettermer-class candles, hence the trip to Rheged and another cuppa.
The waterfall is the 100% artificial view from our table.

All over and done with by 14:00hrs, leaving the rest of the day for strange pass-times like eating and watching 24yr old VHS tapes prior to either re-cycling or handing on.

DAD!!! What's a VHS???

BTW  'twould appear to be #730 ... Caw, said the crow? If you don't know what Milligan said, you've been reading the wrong books.

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