Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Today was beyond awesome.

We set off this morning soon after 10, wrapped up in as many layers as possible. A 10 minute train journey, a 25 minute walk and a climbed fence later and we were exploring a derelict hospital. It was simultaneously one of the coolest and most eerie places I've ever been.

Some parts were hugely weather damaged, with collapsed ceilings and crumbling walls, filled with leaves and glass from the broken windows. Others were almost as they'd been left, with paperwork on the shelves and posters stuck up on the faded wallpaper.

Floorboards creaked unnervingly underfoot, and the freezing wind howled through the empty window frames. The silence in between was creepiest, though. That or Cello talking about zombies.

I took over 450 digital photos and I've got a film to develop tomorrow, but I knew I'd blip this one as soon as I took it. I'll definitely put more up somewhere at some stage, so watch this space.

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