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By sharob

Christmas Party

The company that we work for was acquired this time last year, there has been lots of upheaval, worry and unfortunately redundancies across the company. The new company is very well off and is investing in us which is great as we'd been sitting stagnant in a shed (an old delapidated building which hadn't had any work done since the building was built way back when ...)

So tonight was the joint Christmas party in London, I never have reason to talk to the new London employees so I made a point of talking to at least 5 new people. I mostly ended up talking to techies which was funny given that thats what I prefer to be, instead I'm stuck in an office with a bunch of younger, not so nice girls. Lucky I only need to suffer them for 2 days a week.

Anyway, so, I very rarely dress up, even less often do make up so I went all out. I don't take compliments well and this night they were constant. One guy who has worked with me for the last 7 years said that he hadnt recognised me at first! It was nice to hear lovely things about me, a great boost to the confidence! I also had 2 other members of staff who I work from time to time, they were very complementary about how I work, that's always nice to hear as I feel that being part time, and being the bosses wife, I have to work so much harder. Nice to feel appreciated! :)

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