There is Just one Thing I need.......

I'm looking for my Christmas Spirit. Can't really find it anywhere.......

I think maybe it needs new batteries?

Just joking, I was pretty Christmas'd up after Santa stopped by the other night. And of course, doing my gloriously christmassy christmas cards last night have just topped me up.

Toolibelle was ushering at the school concert tonight..... They were tempting guests with a complimentary cup of tea. I abstained.

When I was in first year, the music department was something to behold. There was Mad Murray, Tattie Thomson, (as in Ta ta Tattie ta), and Mrs Penman. There was your first music class; where as a young 11 year old you had to stand in front of the class and sing "Early One Morning Just As the Sun Was Rising..." over and over, up a scale each time, and then down a scale until you were graded as Alto, Soprano or Tenors.

Choir practise took place on Tuesday and Thursday Lunchtimes and Thursday evenings. We sung songs in 4 part harmonies - and one of the teachers stood in front and orchestrated us til we were all singing in perfect pitch.

That year, the Carol Service took place over 3 nights in the Parish Church. And was sold out each night the week before the concerts took place. We were all shiny and clean in our white blouses and ties. Hair brushed and pinned back.

You could hear a pin drop as we started, and then our voices soared. The church reverberated with the noise. All the different parts came together, no words were forgotten. As was normal, being in the church, the songs finished, and we moved on to the next.

But at the end of the last song, all the choirs together, singing in multiple parts, and our voices rose and rose and rose. When the song ended, silence; and then a man stood up, and clapped and cheered for all he was worth. Within seconds the whole chuch was alive with the sounds of cheering and clapping.

It was that kind of night and definitely woke the Christmas Spirit.

I wish the concerts at the School were like that nowadays.

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