Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Stars Of Carlsberg

These hard workers who are still at the office must be the stars of the organisation, I mean, it's 6pm and there are still some lights on in HQ.

Communication continues to be a problem here in CPH. A simple transfer to another hospital ended with a personally paid for taxi. "Taxi for Peter" but they never asked which Peter. He nearly ended up 100 miles away, instead - no taxi at all. Mrs Cph is nursing a glass of wine now, rather than her father who no one could, when he arrived at the new hospital - union meeting. On top of this Mr FIL of RtCph is a most awkward bugger who can make other peoples life very complex very quickly. ..... and it's only Wednesday, good grief.

Anyone on Facebook - please vote for me in this contest here.. I'm currently fourth - third or second would be good.

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