Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor...

rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief?
This year, next year, sometime, never?

Poor man...next year. So? What's fresh? Certainly not 3 month old, alcoholic, damsons.

I suppose, after the series this ought to be Phase 3a.

After you make your damson gin, don't chuck out the damsons. From this years collection of alcoholic damsons I separated thus ... some were stone free, stone having escaped, some looked a bit like prunes and, obviously there were a lot of free stones.
I lifted them into three lots
1. Stone-free mush.
2. Stones into compost.
3. Prune-like ones were either scoffed on sight or panned with a tiny bit of water.
Result above, not well presented but totally unexpected and The Gaffer is a custardholic. They went down exceeding well.

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