By earthdreamer

Cloud Poetry

"Clouds are poems that the wind paints into the sky"

Me! (with a touch of the cap to Kahlil Gibran)


I worked from home today so that I could start getting organised around Christmas. That didn't work out too well, firstly because of more work issues, and secondly, because although I started off walking towards the town and the shops, I somehow ended up on the moor! I'm not really sure how that happened, but I think these poems in the sky were calling out to me.

The clouds were utterly spectacular today, but I've only just found out that Ilkley seems to have missed out on the most astonishing displays. These lenticular clouds are normally associated with high mountains. Sgwarnog has caught one beautifully here, but there are some even more amazing shots on the BBC Web Site from just to the south and east. I'm so envious! In the shot from the windmills I think you can recognise Sgwarnog's same cloud. I've added a picture to my blipfolio to show a view up the valley , but as I can't compete with other people's astonishing images I've decided to post a more dreamy one myself. These clouds are truly beautiful.

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