From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

Danbo found the biscuits!!

Only 1 more sleep, goodness me I'm a whirlwind of hypernesss!!! Just general foodie stuff today as I've cleaned wrapped and got soooo bloody organised it leaves me with not a lot so after that I will enjoy being hyperexcited if there is such a word, actually there must be in my world!!!!!

Tomorrow evening I will crash down from a big height and fall asleep til boxing day morning, I do it every year wind myself and the kids up!!!! We'll be up at 5 tomorrow morning much to the annoyance of Glenn who looks at us like we're mad, then we'll entice him out of bed with a cup of tea run downstairs and open our pressi's!! I just love seeing their little faces!!

Ooooooooooooo exciteeeeedddddd!!!

:) x

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