By Leonard

Francisco papando (eating baby food)

Francisco is my wife's nephew... 10 months old. He's sitting on a table in Belo Horizonte eating home-made baby food. His mother, Janaina, is talking to him and encouraging him to eat. This year a new generation of babies was born into the family. Including our daughter Ella, there were 7 new members of the family. Today is Christmas Eve day, but in Brazil it's Christmas. This is when families celebrate--.presents are exchanged at night and there's a large meal. I wanted to post a picture that represented that, but honestly my favorite picture of the day was this one. I sat there listening to Janaina talking to her son and it was so peaceful. She was spooning up the puree of kale and potato and carrot and he sat there happily and proudly listening...Happy holidays and peace to all.

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