Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Who You Gonna Call?.....Goosebusters

I nearly got goosed in town just now!

Mrs H took the little Hollows out to a friend's birthday party for a couple of hours. I was going to use the time to do some planning for school, but I thought, sod that - it's the holidays. Then I thought I'd play some PS3, but I thought sod that - it's not a good use of time. So then I though, why not go down town and shoot 50 random photos....whatever looks good at the time, and choose the one I like best for a Blip. A bit of street photo practise.

Well, the street ones were more miss that hit, and there were tons of people around eating chips; it was quite crowded.

I had repaired one of my geocaches on Christmas Eve and forgotten to put it back, so did a sneaky return by the riverside. On the path back towards town there were floods of geese, ducks and (mainly) gulls who had clearly clicked onto the fact that there were potential chip donations everywhere. I crouched down to get a water fowl melee shot (it nearly made it today!) when one particular goose decided to make a beeline for me. Guess I was competition to his inevitable deep-fried meal. Faced with a targeted waddle and that hissing-whilst-sticking-your-tongue-out threat thing they do, onlookers seemed a bit concerned about my well-being, especially the wary kids...but the words of Ray Parker Jnr came to mind..."I ain't afraid of no goose" and I stood my ground and stared him out. He got within a metre and realised I had called his bluff. 1-0 to the dedicated blipper....IN YOUR FACE GOOSE!!!!

Goose-related quote: "You don't have time to think up there. If you think, you're dead. "....can you name the source?

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