Blipaholic Deb

By BlipaholicDeb

Shake it up!

Go bubbly large!

What to blip....what to blip.......brain is well and truly struggling for any single idea at the moment, Christmas may be a holiday for some, but not for a great percentage of mum's, me included so I think my brain will be looking forward to a little rest after New Year when the children go back to school and things are a little less hectic...well during school hours anyway!

So what to blip? I organised some crayons for a bit, that wasn't working. I tried my christmas tulips...nope couldn't get that to work either. So.....get one fairy washing up liquid bottle (still full) shake it up and click....ahhhh that'll do for today.

I seem to have an additional child again this evening. I think we'll have to dig out a board game this evening though and try and stimulate their young minds with something other than the X-box....Big Brain Academy maybe or scrabble trickster (hopefully I'll not come last this time lol)

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