strange little facts

New information gained during the course of the evening: someone's husband (neither party present) apparently gets quite lecherous when inebriated and someone's parents (both present) voluntarily went to Glasgow to get pissed and watch the pro-bigotry march. Strange what some people consider a valid use of their limited time on the planet.

This was added to some further knowledge acquired during the afternoon: Although I doubt it will ever come in useful I now know the locations of three medium-sized piles of used motor vehicle tyres in Ayr. I briefly knew the key-code to get into the back entrance of a shop on Ayr high street (though have subsequently forgotten the shop and the code) and have discovered that a path I previously considered discontinuous does in fact connect.

One thing I discovered this morning was something I already knew; it is quite possible to go to at least five newspaper-selling shops around the Ayr/Prestwick fuzzy border and find that none of them have any copies of the Guardian either through choice or by having already sold their only copy by nine in the morning.

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