Where is the light....

here it is, on the christmas tree!!!

Rained, snowed...howled and did all sorts of crappy things out there today! but the need to get some sort of exercise was greater than what the weather threw at us! So we headed off into the woods, at least we were sort of protected! We hiked along "Richard's Trail"....all thro the woods behind the house and the cabins. our dear friend Richard seen here in the middle... spent many hours marking out a wonderful trail.....cutting trees, trimming branches and putting orange tape as markers. It takes approximately an hour to do the whole thing. We've heard from other guests, who have also ventured into the forest to explore, tell us how much they have enjoyed it.... and we're happy to report that they all made it out safely!

Then 4.30pm no light outside, cold and still blowing.....and i spied the lights on the christmas tree! had a bit of a blast trying out all sorts of movements - a bit of a contrast to yesterday's entry. and now it's time to start preparing dinner!

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