Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

Chainsaw Massacre?

Dont you just hate it when your boss says you can go early but then keeps you until 5 anyway? Why dash my hopes!

We have just passed the longest holiday of the year so why do i feel like i havent had a holiday? Its not fair

I went back to the spot i blipped yesterday in the hope of getting a better picture of the tree that had fallen on the lane. The image that came out is even more spooky than Barneys vision night googles yesterday!

Thank you for all your thoughts regarding your 2011 experiences. It appears that we are all obsessed and inspired by blip and long may it continue.

I havent had a long distance walk for two weeks and im feeling down because of it. So looking forward to tomorrow when i can just walk and walk. I dont care that its forecast to rain all day!

Oh and before I go. Are you a New Year Humbug? I am. I hate new year

And thats todays one through the looking glass.

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