That Will Do!

By flumgummery

365 Up

I can't believe that I have managed to blip 365 without a break!

When I discovered that Molly the gorgeous Collie was arranging a Blipmeet on top of Blackford Hill it seemed the perfect opportunity to celebrate my blipday with fellow blippers. Many thanks to chamberlainjohn and Ann, (Molly's owner) who obligingly held the numbers with me. I have only attended one blipmeet before and enjoyed putting faces to blipnames and meeting new blippers.

So many times I have considered giving up, I spend so much time agonising over writing the journal, not to mention selecting the photos, as I am neither a scribe nor a photographer. However, I find the community so supportive and caring and I feel priviliged to be a part of it so look forward to continuing a while longer. Thanks, emhowl for introducing me to blip. Sorry you couldn't be there today to hold a number for me.

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