The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Plymouth Hoe.....

We had an excursion to Plymouth today by coach, Mrs BM had a shopping marathon but didn't buy anything, and I ended up with a belt as all mine are now too big and if I don't buy one soon my trousers will fall down around my ankles.

We ended up on the Hoe to have a look at the lighthouse and the breakwater, the fort in the middle of the breakwater was where my Dad did his training in the War, from here he went with the skipper to pick up their new LC (Landing Craft) 539. He always said that he wasn't allowed a rifle so they gave him a broom stale to guard the fort with, if only the enemy knew they would have invaded.

We are now getting ready for the New Years Eve party and Dinner, we have some entertainment or so they say, lets hope he's better than last nights "Elvis".

Happy New Year to all my Readers, have a safe and lovely time where ever you are.

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