Sunlit Doorway

By TammyMelodyG

Ofrenda 2011

This is a close-up of the bottom section of the ofrenda, or altar, that I built for Dia de Los Muertos (DDLM). Creating an ofrenda in your home is a way to commemorate the family members, teachers, or friends who have passed on to the other side. This year, I made individual cards of colleagues and friends who I worked alongside or knew quite well. One can use the simplest of materials (recycled cardboard, sections of lace, and candles, for instance) to embellish the ofrenda and make it a nice focal point in your home during the months of October and early November. This year, I had to say goodbye to filmmaker George Kuchar, poet Piri Thomas, and old friend (and awesome poet) Kell Robertson.

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