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Did Your Party Go With A Pop?

Our party certainly did last night!

New Years Day is always a bit weird. It feels like I have only just got up, despite it now being half five in the evening. I must admit I feel more perky than I thought I was. It's not so much the quantity of alcohol consumed, but the mixture! Champagne to see the new year in, cider to start the night, drambuie to end it!

It wasn't a bad night last night, 2011 seen off and 2012 seen in with Jools Holland, as has become to custom over the past few years.

As I said in previous blips, a houseful last night. Everyone was well behaved. Clive and my brother were excellent conductors of our whistle orchestra! Well all had a whistle each, numbered 1-8 and we had to play our note when pointed at. By the end we were getting quite adept at some of the tunes! (Adept my need a slight redefining to be honest!)

Of course, it was always hard to follow up last New Years proposal, and there were no surprise announcements today! Those Twedding Guests will have to wait until May or Dawn's 30th Birthday for another Walton knee's up this year!

I am now officially unemployed! 2012 brings an immediate change an new challenge. As much as I know I am okay for money for a considerable length of time, that time is finite, and I suppose I had better get my bum in gear and start planning my new projects I want a go at for the first quarter of 2012.

Exciting times lay ahead. I am sure I won't be bored, and I am sure I will do my best to keep you entertained in this blip feed!

Happy New Year Blipheads ... Strap yourself in, a new ride is about to begin ...

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