horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Bit of a cheat this shot, but it's not too often we're all in the same place at the same time (which is quite often my fault). Sort of makes us look like the Waltons. Which we ain't.

In descending order of age there's my dad, mum, me, sister Sam(antha), brother Adam, and niece (grand-daughter, daughter) Phoebe. Rounded out by Mel and her dad along with me, and Sam's partner Joss. Quite a big gathering for our wee family that has few members of its extension.

Took Mel's dad down to the Quayside (and managed to delete the one decent picture I had of the bridges); and along the coast to Tynemouth. A good day, but not without its own stresses, and I'm shattered. So pretty much a 2012 start that acted as a microcosm for the last 4 or 5 years that have gone before. As long as that's out the way now thank you very much.

And after amassing a UK bird photo list of 114 species for 2011 I made a modest start with a Cormorant on the Tyne for 2012 (last year's first was a Buzzard - saw LOADS on the way down, but driving and blipping isn't that sensible). Sadly only saw RCB's tips on North East Scaup and Wheatear once back home.

Ah well. THere are 364 other days of the year for that... ;)

p.s. all shots taken still playing with the new Lensbaby. Getting there with it...

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