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By TMLHereAndThere

New Year's Day 2012

Quick blip today...... what with all our late nights and Immy sleeping over at K.'s house we seemed to have got through most of the day without doing very much!

I'm hoping that 2012 will see an improvement in my photography skills... I've certainly got enough books on the subject now, thanks to Christmas presents! Once I get sorted out in Nelson and Immy is settled at school I may also have more time to actually read the books and start going out and experimenting more with the camera (though my husband assures me that a great deal of my time will have to be spent getting the garden back under control!) If I have one particular resolution for this year, it's to really understand my new EOS60D and become a much more technically proficient photographer.

The rather lovely calendar in this shot will be going with me. It's called 'Steve and Helena's Views' and it's a collection of blip photos by CleanSteve - a Christmas present from him and my sister Helena. The 12 photographs in it have been selected from Steve's blips throughout 2011 and are all seasonally appropriate and (apart from August) shot in and around Stroud in Gloucestershire. This stunning image for January shows the view from the rear of their house, taken by Steve - coincidentally enough! - on my birthday last year. The write-up for the blip is interesting, too. It will be nice to have Steve and Helena's Gloucestershire views with me at the other end of the planet.

If I hadn't blipped this, I might have blipped our fire pit - I took some shots this evening without flash and they are rather grainy, but I like them anyway. We realised, as Gypsy settled herself down to snooze on one of the benches, that this is actually her first experience of having a fireside to doze beside. She seemed very taken with it!

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