Church Family 2012

By Church

1st New Year's Day for little Lydia

Wow, where has the last year gone? Have changed the calender over today and transferred dates from last year. Seeing 'ante-natal appointment' written throught January and February last year brings back so many memories....and look at our little Munchkin now....on her feet, gabbling away and playing with all her new Christmas Presents.

Had a fairly lazy day at home with James and the girls today, everyone is a bit run down and full of cold so didn't feel up to much. Nana and Grandad popped over lunch time which perked the girls up and gave Elouise the chance to show off our Christmas decorations and all her new presents.

Lydia is learning new things by the day, her favourites at the moment are clapping, waving and saying 'ta ta' at the same time, singing and dancing to her musical toys and today she has been doing role play in that she has been feeding me her cup of milk and a chocolate wrapper that she found :0)

Keeping my fingers crossed they both sleep well tonight and Elouise doesn't repeat her falling out of bed incident that she did at midnight last night! (It was very funny though, as James went up to check she was ok - she had climbed back into bed and said "I just fell out of bed daddy, it was funny. Ellie stayed in the bed though!) Love our little girlies so much :o)

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