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starting the New Year with a bath

-while daughter J was giving me a haircut outside this morning, I noticed the flash of a bird landing in the birdbath. Since the water was low, the bird disappeared below the rim, and I ducked inside to grab the camera. We saw water fly in all directions as it bathed- and then this head popped up, I snapped a couple shots and it was gone. Didn't get a good look at it, and the nearest I see in my books is a female Painted Bunting? It was wet, but color should be true- no filter, etc and bird bath color is right. We do get "snowbirds" here- human and avian- seasonal visitors this time of year. Beautiful day, high 70's F. Happy New Year to all!

note: With a new year, and a new lens, and a renewed resolution, I've decided this is a good time to try jumping back in to blipping again :) the time consuming, but fun, part will be back blipping the last 16 months or so- not that I have photos for every day, but there's still lots of choices to be made. Hope to get that accomplished soon.

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