By sp33dway


we were supposed to go out for a meal tonight but had babysitter issues so had to back out. i felt lousy again today though: no energy whatsoever, so we probably wouldnt have made it out in the end anyway, but in an effort to continue the christmas vibe we were invited in the afternoon for teatime round at my sister-in-laws new place, admiring the house even more. she cooked us a consolation roast chicken dinner with sherry trifle on top, washed down with festive bubbles for the girls.

in place of the after eights we watched The Snowman which'd been skyplussed due to the noggins at C4 deciding in their daft wisdom to air the christmas eve classic on christmas day this year instead. to see littleA in the cuddlearms of her 'auntie batbat' bowled me over: it was like looking at the same person twice, a glimpse into christmaseseses gone by :)

got home just after sevenish for a bit of curlyuptime and a swift early night.
photo is of a glass tealight decoration that looks just perfect glimmering warmly on their new mantlepiece alcove.

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