Resident with camera

By Lawrie

A hide of activity

Today was cold again, but better weather. However, as can be seen, lots of birders in the hide.

My first bird of the day was Green Sandpiper, plenty of other stuff about and I also caught up with the Scaup. A walk through the local plantation yielded a bucket of bullfinches (technical term) and completed a set of the common tits. There were also a goodly number of dubious individuals lurking in the woods (even at 10 am), which is why local birders go in at least pairs - they may be the subject of a blip or two later in the year, along with a note to the local constabulary.

After catching up with Bob later in the day I can report my Bob Index is up to 0.747. However, because he's a retiree whilst I'm at work he'll be out all week. But there is a lot of days left in the year.

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