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Dinner and a Movie

I AM BACK! I've been MIA for approximately 3 months, but no fear, I have returned. A retry at a 365 day project, and how more cliche then to start it on Jan 1. I've realized since it has gotten cold out, I've dwindled in taking photos. NO MORE! So let this be a start to a great year!

It was a pretty busy day for the hubs and I. We went to church this AM, followed by lunch at a pretty delicious pizza buffet. We ran some errands, returned some items that have been sitting around the house for a while, and bought the hubs some new tools. After the errands were run, we were going to go to a furniture store to look at bookcases. While there, we fell in love with a couch and chair (which we eventually wanted to purchase anyways) so left the store having purchased a couch, chair and bookcase. Only the bookcase came home, however. We have to wait until the beginning of February for the furniture. A much needed purchase!

From furniture store, we got some groceries and rented a DVD for a dinner and a movie night. We made Stuffed Pork Chops with Guinness Sauce, Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Steakhouse Baked Beans. By we cooked, I mean the hubs did and I read him the recipe. I managed the stuff that came from a can or a box! I thought the food was pretty delicious, but the hubs was a little hesitant on the sauce. It wasn't quite what he was expecting (different spices that what he had first envisioned), but was pretty tasty with the pork none the less.

We watched Super 8 with the new surround sound that we put in. The movie was pretty good, made me jump a few times! I would recommend watching!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!

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