horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Headin' Out

Not a day for being outside. So naturally I wandered down the park. Bins strewn across the street; a garden wall blown over a couple of streets away; a tree falling down over the path I'd wandered into the park on after I passed; it seems like Hurricane Bawbag had some pals and invited them over the new year.

Pretty rubbish last day off work given it more or less knocked out the possibility of a nice walk, or a cycle. So instead the Figgy in the morning to add to the bird photo list, and a check round the garden while the chooks roamed free (one pane of the greenhouse blown in, everything else, touch wood, in one piece). The radio news on a wee drive out into the countryside to avoid cabin fever seemed utterly obsessed with how apocalyptic it all was. Speaking to people about it. On their phones. In their houses. About garden sheds being blown over. Tsunami or earthquake it ain't.

So tomorrow. Work. Bah.

#9 Tufted Ducks (an almost blip)
#10 Canada Goose
#11 Black-Headed Gulls
#12 Mute Swan
#13 Goldeneye
#14 Goosander
#15 Moorhen (surfing - another almost blip)
#16 Goldfinch
#17 Shoveler
#18 House Sparrow (incoming - another almost blip)

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