All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

What will it be?

Immy's up to something with a canvas. It's rather a large canvas, so I hope she finishes it as this corner is a very promising start.

She's got to have something to do with her days now that school has reopened for all her friends. Sleeping in till 1.30pm today seemed to take care of the morning; then a couple of hours spent watching TV and working on the canvas before it was time to jump on her bike and go out to wait for the school bus bringing her friends home. She invited Michaela to stay for supper - there was much talk of how sad it is on the bus without Immy and the fact that - so far - there's no-one new taking her place in class 8G. In other dramatic news, the Form Tutor has cut off his Justin Bieber-like fringe.

Talking of haircuts, I spent three and a half hours at the salon this morning getting a whole new haircut for my whole new life. Next time I'm back in the chair at Janet's will be around the 10th April, when we'll be back here for Immy's Easter holidays.

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