Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

The Adventures of Lola the Leopard

Hello I am called Lola the Leopard. Every Friday, one person in the Reception Class, takes me home with them for the weekend. My weekend, this time, turned into a whole Christmas holiday! It was lovely that you drew a picture and took some photos of our time together. We can show the teacher and the rest of the class what we did.

What a Christmas holiday we have had. It started with a fabulous trip to Lapland, unwrapping presents from under the tree, and finally a trip to the zoo to see my friends, the Amur Leopards. I think it must have been too cold for them as they seemed to all be indoors. Perhaps they were having an afternoon nap?

Many thanks for a lovely holiday.

Your loving friend,
Lola xx

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