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4. larry mcmurtry & booked up

so, a quick explanation first. on december 30th (ironically the first day of my texas series), i set my camera on the top of our car. and i got in. and let us drive off.

and it fell off. the good news:

1. i have it fully covered with an extended accident warranty
2. it still worked perfectly
3. it took two photos as it fell

the bad news:

1. the mirror that reflects the image into the viewfinder was cracked in three places

so i had to mail it off as of january 2nd. i have no idea how long it will be gone, but probably a couple of weeks. not ideal, but i needed to get it mended. so until then...iphone. i know, i'm not excited about it either.


larry mcmurtry is a texas author. though his fiction is not always up my alley, he owns one of the largest bookstores in america, booked up. and it's in a tiny, no stoplight town (see yesterday's photo and entry). archer city, texas. he keeps the store alive despite the issues, and i went a few months ago and couldn't believe it.

these are his two memoirs. both well worth reading. he still lives in archer city and what i admire about him most is his honest dedication to texas as he sees it.

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