A local art house movie theatre is running movies in the park this summer. Thursday nights. Tonight was Grease. I'd never seen Grease. I guess it was about time!

Hundreds of people came to the event. Everyone brought chairs or sleeping bags or blankets to sit on and under. It was a great big party.

I had not heard about this event. I never pay attention to adverts and often miss out on stuff because of it (I also tend not to buy much stuff I don't actually need, for the same reason). But, I saw the facebook status of a friend that said she had finally (after years of trying) gotten herself a proper, full time, permanent job! Yahoo! I was so happy for her, I called her up to congratulate her. In the ensuing conversation she asked what I was up to tonight. Nothing, I said. She and her friend were going to this "movie in the park thing", did I want to come along? Sure! They were going to bring along some munchies and some drinks. Cool!

It was fun. Loads of fun.

I saw this woman lying nearby with her dog. I tried to get another picture of them, but she and her hubby saw me and seemed uncomfortable, so I left them and tried some other people. But this was the only shot from the evening that I liked. And even this is cropped heavily!

Oh, and Grease? It was hilarious. Clearly, no critical acclaims for this movie, but fun? You bet! And I just could not believe the archaic social mores advocated here. Shall I say, quaint? Even given the era. But I did not care. It was fun to watch anyway :)

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