Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

City Life

I had to go into the city today. I think that on the whole I prefer Newburgh beach! Zoomify for maximum misery.

City Life

When I am in a great city, I know that I despair.
I know there is no hope for us, death waits, it is useless to care.

For oh the poor people, that are flesh of my flesh,
I that am flesh of their flesh,
when I see the iron hooked into their faces
their poor, their fearful faces
I scream in my soul, for I know I cannot
take the iron hooks out of their faces, that make them so drawn,

nor cut the invisible wires of steel that pull them
back and forth, to work,
back and forth to work,
like fearful and corpse-like fishes hooked and being played
by some malignant fisherman on an unseen shore
where he does not care to land them yet, hooked fishes of
the factory world.

D.H. Lawrence. 1932

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