By wingpig

follow the low-level lighting to the nearest exit

Blechwork. Still, a solution-in-principle has been worked out meaning that the next week will be horrible but horrible in an entirely soluble way. Didn't stop it causing my holiday tomorrow to be cancelled though. Wasn't planning on doing anything much except getting up slightly later and wandering around doing stuff that I can't so if I'm at work. I might not even use the go-in-slightly-later option and just go in as normal, finishing as early as conceivably possible.

Part of the reason for having tomorrow off was an unofficial pub-meeting of the local Flickr chapter this evening. I should really have posted one of the 200 peopleshots I took this evening (in place of actually speaking to anyone) but the lighting was so pathetically modern and moody in Bramble that 1/15 at ISO 2000 @ f/1.8 was struggling to be enough; almost every usable shot has therefore been taken with the flash. Whilst the ones that are in focus (the darkness again) are OK for pictures taken with flash they're still pictures taken with flash which I don't really like a great deal. It would take ages to fiddle about with them so I'll just post this (prepared before heading out) and go to sleeps.

People-photographing is definitely worthwhile but until now I've almost always not bothered unless it's been in decent natural light. Besides the pleasantness of natural light it's a lot more powerful than interior lighting and much better for freezing people in the middle of a gesture or expression. Also if it's light enough then the AF-assist light need not be lit (or MF can be used with ease) making for better sneakypictures.
Sneakypeoplestreetpics is one of the reasons why I was expecting a tele lens to be first on the list of Additional Things to be considered around birthday or bonus time. However, watching someone spend at least an hour taking pictures of splashes of water on the table with a 100mm macro lens reminds me how great close-focussing is for almost any subject when conditions do not suit a wider view...

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