The Lighted Life

By Giacomo

Life Above Moving Ground

I work in Minneapolis which has the largest skyway system in the world which spans 8 miles (13 km) and connects 69 blocks in the downtown area. I rarely like to take them unless I am with guests, preferring the sidewalks, the noises and the street life below. (When I am in the skyway, it always reminds me of the hamster I had when I was a kid and how short its life given its untimely match against my retriever.) However, there are a few paths which I cross where, in the interest of time, taking the "habitrail" is simply a faster path between two points.

One such route is from the gym to my car. Today, while on that route, I grabbed my camera from the bag to experiment. Without a tripod, I forced the lens of the camera against the window, set the ISO as low as it good go, held my breath and pressed the "magical blipper button".

No masterpiece for sure but I was surprised at the outcome given the lengthy exposure time.

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