All that is beautiful

By sharob

Proud, proud, proud ..

Clara came running out of her classroom shouting 'Mummy, I did such good writing today', asked if the teacher would show me and here it is! Clara wrote this all by herself, not a scrap of help at all! I am so super proud! She earned 10 house points for her house set, she has earned a prestigious purple award which is so rare that her teacher has never actually given it out! They always do red / yellow / green awards as the school have a great 'work using praise' ethic. But purple .. That's outstanding!

My mum came to visit this afternoon so with this news, we took Clara to the toy shop and she chose a Disney Princess easel set which was half price and then she chose an Ariel dressing up outfit which had to be completed with a wig! She loves dressing up and I'm absolutely sure that this will be a favourite set!

So very proud of my big girl x x

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