By EgyptUnveiled


It's an expression I use so often here, as I constantly feel honored and privileged to meet so many inspiring, professional, knowledgeable and individual people, many of them have become friends to which I am eternally grateful for that first encounter.

Luxor has always been a magnet for and a melting pot of all nationalities, religions, spiritual ideology, characters, cultures, explorers and of course can begin to feel overwhelmed by the number of 'Professional' people in their field here, but the most important message they all convey is: 'Communication' and 'Connection' in possibly one of the most significant cities on the planet.

Communication is a wonderful word...Put it into 'Thesarus search' and you will get many synonyms.

Today, I met so many dedicated people, I can't possibly 'Blip' about all of them, I just feel so lucky to have had an insight into their world and be part of their passion and expertise.

Elizabeth Whiter and her husband Brian seem to know no boundaries and endeavor to help wherever they can.

Elizabeth had a horse called 'WOW' many years ago that sustained injuries, (Broken neck in 3 places) that could not be diagnosed. Her time spent sitting with her 'Friend' comforting him, loving him and healing him, has changed her life from being a Daily Mail Medical Journalist, into the 'Zoopharmacognosy' expert she is today.

Thank goodness for Heartfelt Passion....................

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