Another Beautiful Day

By drewzealand

Happy Face

I was told to put my happy hat on and find a happy blip to put on.Out we went looking for that happy place to find that happy blip.In Sydenham,I found that spot,with Popz out there with paint brush in hand doing another mural.
Originally from England,he now resides in Christchurch working with dis- advantaged children.

PS That happy place didnt last long. At 2 pm ,we're hit with another 5 magnitude aftershock,must admit it sure didn't feel that large. At the same time the latest quake hit, GNS scientists are having a meeting with our city councillors explaining that this aftershock sequence will probably now go on for decades! Pop my bubble.
Wonder how long Mr Marryart is going to stick around for? Not long, if enough people have their way and say.What an arrogant pompous prick he was on his return to the spotlight! He should have just kept his mouth shut.

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