There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Waxing Into a Full Wolf Moon

The moon is waxing; in a few days it will be full. Did you know that each full moon of the year has a name? In fact, maybe several names?

Legend has it the Native Americans called January's full moon the "Full Wolf Moon" because of the hungry wolves howling around their villages in the depths of winter.

Another name for January's full moon is the Ice Moon.

I like them both: Wolf Moon, Ice Moon. These names have style and substance; they roll off the tongue nicely, paint a picture of a winter world that is barren, glittering, dangerous, but not without enchantment, not without poetry.

Come Full Wolf Moon, come Ice Moon; in the depths of winter, shine your cold light down upon us and show us your beautiful white face . . .

(See also the moon photos for January 6, 8, and 9.)

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