Cakes, golf and stuff

By Jacquimcintosh

12th night

Time for a clear out!

12th night means taking the Xmas deccies down - a horrible job I started as soon as I was home from work, I even took a pic of the half naked mantlepiece wreath.

But, something went wrong with the fridge/freezer the other day, melting in the freezer and freezing in the fridge, so time to defrost and become blip of the day. The people who put my kitchen in, decided in their ultimate wisdom that putting the fridge plug anywhere but right behind the fridge, then building it in, would be a smashing idea. We have to switch the ring main off to defrost.

So, no music, no TV, no PC, no hairdryer.

The big man did a bit of improvisation by defrosting using some tealights. I thought it looked very romantic ;)

Friday at last...will I get on a golf course tomorrow? Only the god of weather can answer that one!

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