Establishing Shot

At last a shot of Belem that gives more than just a detail! We went down to the famous 'Ver-o-Peso' market (literally 'see' or 'check' the weight) which was set up to make sure all duties were properly paid on items coming in and out of Belem, the principle entry port to the Amazon. The grey iron structure which houses the fish market was shipped from England and erected between 1898 and 1901, at the height of the rubber boom. The whole market area is said to be the biggest open air one in South America.

Many of the fish inside seemed to be from another planet, one kind in particular looking like what Darth Vader would have for breakfast, so reptilian was it's armoured plating! One for the Belem blip bank.

Feeling a lot better today and able to enjoy more hospitality from DD's school director and his extended family; last week it was a Paranian spread, this week a Lebanese feast!

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