Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Day 7: Fruit

Today's part of the challenge has told me something I already knew - I like shooting kids (now, that is not in the gun-crazy meaning - wouldn't do my teaching career much good!). On the way to an appointment this morning, I pondered what fruity things I could do, and all my ideas were involving the children.
On the way back, I stopped off at the supermarket and stared blankly for a while at the fruit section. I knew that a still life type shot was something I could not pull off, I had a few ideas, but they were rotten. I know this challenge is meant to stretch us and hopefully get us to think about photography in new ways in order to develop us.....but I chickened out. There, I said it.

I am wanting to so some informal portrait work at some point to see if it's a viable sideline, so maybe this isn't a bad thing :-|

So instead of a well-lit, clever, close-up, fantastically detailed fruit photo, I combined my slightly mean streak and my wonderful little Hollows and told them that after lunch I would give them a challenge. When I told them it was a 'who could suck out the juice of a lemon wedge the quickest' contest', I got a mixed reaction. Jnr Jnr was over the moon, Jnr Snr less so. I was wanting a classic sour face, but this one was my favourite as it turned out to be Jnr Jnr's best part of the day - she loved it! (She shouted out "I LOVE LEMONS!!!!!" when I told them.) That says a lot about either how weird she is, or how poor my parenting is.....bah, probably both.

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