UFOs on the Wall

I saw these unusual lights reflecting on our wall behind the Christmas snow globe this morning and wondered what they were. Finally I figured it out. They are the lights from the dining room getting changed by the globe and projected on the wall. I took some photos to show what I'd seen but the plain ones really didn't do the trick. So I decided to do one of my goofy post processing tricks. I like the results much better. Take a look in large.

I took down all the Christmas decorations this morning. Glad to have them down and now Nenita is upstairs cleaning our house. She is my lovely neighbor who happens to be a cleaner at her job. We talked one day and she said she'd be delighted to clean my house. She earns some extra money and our house gets clean. It's a great deal.

Arvin and I shopped today for a little light to plug into our hifi to replace the little Christmas tree that we had there during the holidays. Turns out it comes on when the hifi is on and goes off when it's off. It adds just the right amount of light to aid viewing the TV. We found a little seahorse with lighted body. I'll blip it one day so you can see what it looks like. We also got a table cloth for our little table to replace the tree skirt. The kitties really loved having a little hidey hole in there. So now they have one again.

My brother Steve is coming over for dinner. We are supposed to go to a concert this evening. I want to go but still am feeling a bit under par. So we may stay home and play games and watch TV.

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