St George's Hall

For the next couple of weeks the Minton tiled floor at St George's Hall is uncovered. This only happens every 2 or 3 years - normally its covered by wooden boards to prevent damage.

Processing this shot has proved to be a nightmare and I've conceded defeat by converting to black and white. The lighting in there is horrible - mostly tungsten but simply correcting the white balance was throwing other colours off and the more I worked on the processing the worse it was looking. I need to sit on it for a few days and have another go. The one thing that does seem to have worked is the stitching - this is a vertorama from 2 shots.

We had a trip to FACT as well to see the very cool Republic of the Moon exhibitions. This astronaut scared the shit out of us when he got up and started watering his rocks. We'd assumed it was a static model.

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