The Italian Job

By CharlieCroker

Bullion Van Convoy Vehicle Model

My friend Rob has a few model scooters etc. so I started collected models used in the bullion van convoy for him. This is my model, he has his. Er, it's a Moto Guzzi Falcone from 1950 I think, like those in the film - Polizia Stradale. It was issued by Hachette a few years ago. The only one we never found was the OM Leoncino van, which was definitely an ex-postal delivery van. I've seen a photo of a line of these vans with Posta Italiane livery, from the 1960s and they've all got that bulge, which goes across the front of the van, below the windscreen, like the repainted vehicle used as the Security Van in the 1969 film. I've searched and searched but never found a model. BUT I see that there's a TV ad this week which shows model vans, offered to collectors, from DeAgostini I think. Hopefully an OM Leoncino will be in the collection. I will buy ten and flog them on Ebay, ha ha!

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