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Itsy or Bitsy?

I've worked about 10 hours today so I've not had any blipportunities apart from a picture of George and Jackie curled up asleep holding paws, but I didn't want to do a cat shot two nights on the trot. Instead, I decided to be lazy and blip a photo of Ant's cast.

He had a choice of purple and red, but I said purple, my favourite colour, before he got a chance to open his mouth. It's been on for nearly three weeks now and is getting pretty manky. The reason he's been having so much pain of late is that the cast has become loose, because the swelling in the hand has gone down and he's lost muscle in the forearm due to lack of use. This means that the cast is pretty much only resting on the padding around the two damaged fingers. Every time Ant moves, the cast moves, the dressings move and the fingers hurt. It's not helped by the fact that he has carpal tunnel syndrome and a ganglion on his wrist, which are causing more pain and tingling in the fingers. Added to that, the appendix scar is still hurting too. And, to top it all, he's had a cold over the last few days, and sneezing and coughing has not been fun for hand or tummy. The cast is due to come off a week on Wednesday. He can't wait to get it off, but, at the same time, we're both concerned that it's still hurting so much with just over a week to go and a bit nervous about the situation when the hand is free.

Why the title? Well the photo reminded me of Itsy and Bitsy the two spiders from Paperplay, a children's TV programme from 1976, which I used to love watching at lunchtimes :)

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