Dolcezza Della Vita

By Dolcezza


What a long day today!! I dont think I've ever had a calm Monday...

Left work late - decided to stop by the grocery store and pick up sushi from their market area - was craving spicy salmon, but settled for a california roll and seaweed good!!

Also craving some Greek coffee. I actually gave up coffee back in college - I was an addict...but I still crave it every once in a while.

Greek coffee is so good - mix 1/2 cup coffee + 3 tablesp honey + 1/2 cup milk (I use vanilla soy). Or put ingr in a blender and mix with 1/2 cup of ice.

And ohhhhhh, I got 20 cents off of gas today - I paid $3.99 per gallon - woo hoo ;) I cant believe I just said that...calling $3.99 cheap!

Im off to do some yoga...hope everyone has a great week!

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