My Year in Pictures

By jenny


This is the view looking backwards at the start of our regular walk.

I don't often look back, but I do like the line the path makes and have thought about blipping it before, but have always felt it needed something extra - either a person or something good going on in sky.

So I was very delighted to spot this guy coming towards us this afternoon!

He did have a wee pause before I took this and I wasn't sure I was going to get it without him noticing, but thankfully it was a short breather he had!

And is always the way, I ended up with a few other alternatives - afternoon sun, lines or clouds - but this one got my vote as it's been the first time I've had someone in the right spot at the right time on this path!

For the record:
3.97 miles
1 hour 16 minutes (and 45 seconds)
502 calories
Though not quite sure about the accuracy, as today I supposedly ascended 411 feet whereas on Monday it was 323 feet!

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